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HI there,

My name is Evans from Zimbabwe and currently working in South Africa.

A few years ago, a friend of mine had a Linux kernel he customized, I was fascinated how he did it (I didn't get the opportunity to see how he did it). I have been using Linux quite often in my career and I have always wondered how can I create a customized linux kernel of my own as well as how I could contribute in the evolution of Linux.

I hope to learn as much as possible to get there, without a rush, would love to learn the concepts and get to develop my own kernel, contribute and grow in the Linux kernel development.

Looking forward to interacting with as many of you out there.



  • Selvak16

    Hi everyone, myself selakumar. I'm a UG student and also a former working professional in die casting. My interest in embedded systems had brought me to study more. I have been working on 32-bit microcontrollers developing device driver and firmware and now since currently Single Board Computer is getting popular I want to learn Linux to customize it and use it for a specific application. Recently I got a project requiring Linux based OS for HMI display for battery-powered electric vehicle.


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