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Can't turn on Mint: tty1 login: Could not find valid key in the user session keyring

zer096 Posts: 1

Hello, I can not get in to my Linux Mint system. It requires a tty1 login whenever I turn on my laptop and then says it "Could not find valid key in the user session keyring..". I have attached an image of the commands and rewritten them below.

I am a dual boot user with Windows 10 and Linux Mint 19 Tara 64bit for over a year. My laptop's model is Asus TP309NAH. I have the minimum experience of working with both of them. I was having several problems with Linux Mint. I'm going to state a detailed history of the last few things I did guessing they might help finding out what went wrong.

I had a long list of available updates on the Update Manager of Mint. I couldn’t update them due to a "Repository does not have a release file" error.

I was also getting the "low space on 'filesystem boot'" warning. So I applied 1,2,3,5,8,9 points from (https://easylinuxtipsproject.blogspot.c ... t.html?m=1) article to clean up some space. I also uninstalled some softwares I do not use anymore. I restarted my laptop several times during this session. It was working alright.

Then I realised my Libra Office was failing to save any odt file. It was showing a "general input/output error" whenever I tried to save them. It also failed to open any previously saved odt file saying they were corrupted.

I didn’t do anything after that and shut down my computer. And failed to turn it on the next morning. It does let me select Linux Mint system, then the mint-logo shows up. After that, it asks for some kind of tty1 login. I enter my password but it shows the following commands:

Linux Mint 19 Tara athoi–TP203NAH tty1

athoi–TP203NAH login: athoi


Last login: Sun May 24 22:31:27 +06 2020 on tty1

[ 106.935942] Could not find key with description: [01907df6acb01456]

[ 106.936001] Could not find valid key in the user session keyring for sig specified in mount option: [01907df6acb01456]

[ 106.936127] Error parsing options; rc = [–2]

What should I do now to turn mint on?

PS. Windows 10 is working alright.


  • surfer57

    Did you ever resolve the issue you were having? I realize it has been a while, but I had a similar issue as you have had, A couple of things to mention are one, do you have enough space in your partition and if so, in most cases, the login issue has to do with something either changed or deleted in grub. I have been down that rabbit hole on several occasions over the past 20 years and normally, after attempting all the fixes including reinstalling grub, I simply reinstalled Linux Mint and the problem was resolved. Also, if you ever get a repository error, simply go into Software Sources and change your repositories. Best of Luck.


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