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Quotacheck. I need some advice please.

WarrenUK Posts: 72


I want to make a quotacheck playground to try out the commands but I am confused about some things.

If i am the admin of a system would I be using quota to limit peoples home folders? If I have 4 users (a,b,c,d) I would use quota on each of these users home folders?

The reason I am asking is I was playing around with quota and I was putting the partition to be quota'd within the root filesystem or my personal home folder and I then I realised the users did not have the correct permissions. So I was trying to change permissions and getting in a little bit of a muddle with it all.

Are there any scenarios where I would put a partition for quota in a root file system?


  • luisviveropena
    luisviveropena Posts: 1,179

    Hi @WarrenUK ,

    One uses to implement quota on a filesystem for non-privileged users, usually that's the goal.

    Are there any scenarios where I would put a partition for quota in a root file system?

    I haven't seen anything like that. The purpose of configuring quotas is to limit users in the use of disk space, so it doesn't get full and users can keep working (because if the disk gets full, there will be a problem when logging to the file system).

    Let's take a look to 'man quota(1)':

    quota displays users' disk usage and limits. By default only the user quotas are printed. By default space usage and limits are shown in kbytes (and are named blocks for historical reasons).

    As you can see, it points to user's disk usage/limits.

    Now, be careful if you are messing with your root account permissions; this account is not for sharing files or directories with normal users.



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