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Trying to Uninstall Linux

wings515 Posts: 2

I need help!. I installed Linux Mint on a win 7 machine as dual boot. I did a disk defrag and was no longer able to open Linux. Reading the HowTo on removing Linux, I deleted the Linux partition on the hard drive and re-allocated the WIN partition to increase it.
The instructions then said to burn a CD with the Win7 Bootloader repair disk. I did that on the win 7 machine and then did a restart. Now after boot I get "Pressing any key to boot from CD or DVD.....error: no such partition.
Entering rescue mode..
grub rescue>"



  • wings515
    wings515 Posts: 2

    I downloaded Linux Mint 19.3 and burned a Disk. Booted the failed PC using this disc and did some preliminary checks. Bit the bullet and did and install as a dual boot system. After fully loading, installing and clean up I now have my PC back to full operation. One of the actions was to repartition the HD. I selected 30 GB figuring that should be sufficient. I guess I'll see.
    Going through the final update. Had to change the real time clock to on-board since it was off by 4 hours and changed the Windows clock.
    I feel a lot better now knowing I'm back to where I started before the defrag. I guess that is not something you want to do with a dual boot system.


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