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Lab 2.2 - kubeadm init fail when executing k8sMaster.sh script

When I followed Lab2.2 to execute k8sMaster.sh script, I got below errors, after roughly investigate, it got errors when go to the step:
sudo kubeadm init --kubernetes-version 1.18.1 --pod-network-cidr

anybody got similar response before?


  • ecyhien
    ecyhien Posts: 2

    This issue is resolved, it was caused my network in China, now I changed to use aliyun repository, then it works now, attach my command for your reference:
    sudo kubeadm init --image-repository registry.cn-hangzhou.aliyuncs.com/google_containers --kubernetes-version 1.18.1 --pod-network-cidr

    if you got the same issue, you need to edit the k8sMaster.sh file and change it as above.

  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,012

    Hi @ecyhien,

    Your feedback is much appreciated.


  • rudysp
    rudysp Posts: 1

    Is it LFS258? Because in my course, there is no Lab2.2.

  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,012

    Hi @rudysp,

    The previous post is from another course. Thanks for pointing this out, we should do some spring cleaning to avoid any confusion.

    You are fine, there is no 2.2 in LFS258.


  • mstepien
    mstepien Posts: 347

    Hi @rudysp,

    There's no Lab 2.2 in the LFS258 course. This thread should be posted in the forum for Kubernetes for Developers (LFD259).

    Thank you,
    The Linux Foundation Training Team


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