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Lab 8. Advanced Channel Management - How to restrict Org1 from joining OrgTwoChannel?



I am doing now Lab8 and found error Error: got unexpected status: BAD_REQUEST -- Attempted to include a member which is not in the consortium

In this forum akoita & GreadMead posted a couple of fixes. Thanks both of you as it helped me a lot to understand a bit better how Fabric works.

But Both fixes allow Org1 to join OrgTwoChannel.

How can we create a channed for just Org2?
I guess we have 2 options
a) Create a new consortium for just one Org2 and create a channel for that new consortium
b) Create a policy that allows only Org2 to join channel OrgTwoChannel

Do you know if these are proper ways to create a channel for just Org2 of if there is a better way to do it
I had a quick look at both options and I am not sure how to implement them. In fact I had a massive failure with option A and I am not sure even how to start with option B.

Do you have a clue how to implement both of them?



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