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Guesses for linux on a moderately old laptop



I'm looking for an Ubuntu based operating system for my Acer aspire 5742.(intel core i3 M380 2,53Ghz 2core.. ,3Gb RAM, integrated video card)

It was shipped with win7 but these days it's gettin awfully slow. Even without installing the regular security updates.

I'm familiar with ubuntu and puppy linux.

I hope, you can give me a few ideas, if i'm searching for an easy to handle, speedy operating system.


  • speelyi
    speelyi Posts: 5
    edited April 2020

    Hello brucecy92 --

    I believe, with the specs posted, a few recommendations (in order of personal preference) pertaining to your question can be made with relative certainty.

    antiX 19.1 -- a Debian distro noted for making limited resource machines perform well
    This is perhaps the premier distro for your P6100 processor and 3GB RAM, IMHO.

    Slacko 6.3.0 -- a puppy flavor I find performs very nicely (did so on my Lenovo G560, with P6100 CPU)

    Or perhaps Salix XFCE 14.2 Basic install, if more adventurous

    BTW -- all 32-bit until RAM is made at least 4GB (or max it out!).

    Best wishes!


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