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Simple guy, simple backup question, hopefully simple solution

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Hi All,

I'm running one Debian Testing machine at home.  Its just me, my wife and my son here- not an enterprise-level situation.  I want to find a back up solution that:

1) Backs up to the Cloud like Google Drive
3) Can back up my entire /home directory instead of just my user directory
4) Can be automated so I don't have to back up manually
5) Hopefully a client-side app that will run in the back ground and do incremental backups.

I've tried to set up rclone to use with Google Drive but have had trouble getting it to work.  Too bad, seems like a good way to go.  I've been using SpiderOakOne but have been having problems with it lately.  Can someone please offer me some advice to help point me in the right direction?  Any/all help will me much appreciated.

Take Care,



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    Thanks for sharing this. Very useful information for me here


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