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128 Mb for boot needed?


Hi all!

I'm new to the Beginners Guide to Linux Kernel Development Course. I'm wondering if the 128 mb boot partition is strictly required? I have 86mb and would love to know if this will likely present a problem?



  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    It depends on what you are doing. For example on my system:

    c 8:/boot>du 5.7.0 -h
    128K config-5.7.0
    45M initramfs-5.7.0.img
    5.6M System.map-5.7.0
    9.9M vmlinuz-5.7.0

    so just one kernel version is taking up 60 MB. So jes, I would think 128 MB is pretty minimal, it will only hold about
    2 kernel versions on my system. That's why a lot of folks no longer use a separate /boot partition as it can be rather confining.


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