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Lab01 Orderer does not get created successfully when running 04_start_fabric.sh



The Orderer does not get created successfully in Lab01. I get the following error when executing 04_start_fabric.sh:

2020-03-18 21:58:17.492 UTC [orderer/commmon/multichannel] newLedgerResources -> CRIT 050 Error creating channelconfig bundle: initializing channelconfig failed: could not create channel Orderer sub-group config: setting up the MSP manager failed: the supplied identity is not valid: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority (possibly because of "x509: ECDSA verification failure" while trying to verify candidate authority certificate "ca.hacera.com")

The command completes. When running docker ps the fabric-tools, org1 peer and org2 peer are running. The orderer is missing from the list of dunning docker processes.



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