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Is Snapshots and restore functionality of systemd still applicable

surikoya Posts: 5

In the chapter - Ch. 39. System Init: systemd, SystemV and Upstart > 39.6. systemd Features

"Supports creating snapshots and restoring of the system state" is mentioned as a feature. I could not find any documentation related to snapshot with systemctl. When I run 'systemctl snapshot' on my Ubuntu18.04, I am getting error "Unknown operation snapshot.". Can someone provide documentation links or man pages that would be helpful.


  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    Apparently this service no longer exists -- I verified that while it is on RHEL7 it is not on RHEL8, and you found it not on Ubuntu 18.04. There were complaints about the service being crap, so while I haven't discussion of the service being removed from upstream systemd, it at least is not in the distribution systemd packaging. So I don't know if it is removed completely, or just the distros (at least Red Hat and Ubuntu) junking it. At any rate, it will be removed from this course as soon as there is a chance to update it. Thanks for pointing out this obsolete reference (Even if it is still an optional feature in systemd, I would not recommend using it since major distros don't support it.)

  • luisviveropena
    luisviveropena Posts: 1,163


    systemd.snapshot is not present on Ubuntu 19.10 as well. It seems it has been removed, in fact it's not present in the systemd's man pages on GIT:



  • surikoya
    surikoya Posts: 5

    Thanks for the confirmation. Now my confusion is cleared.


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