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LFD259 - Section 4 Quiz - Spelling & Suggestions


Some suggestions on improvements to the course material.

Question 4.4, A. should read "Be restarted" and not "Be restared"

Managing Resource Usage - Slide 3 - Add clarity on negative terminology "won't be killed" - what will be the effect on the pod, the containers in the pod, and the node if it's not killed and spiking CPU? Emphasis on the need to ensure proper requests and limits are set for developers.

"Should a container use more resources than allowed" should read "Should a container use more CPU resources than allowed" since memory usage may restart a pod?

Additional focus on requests and limits and experiments and results with load and stress testing a cluster would be helpful, seemed a bit light. Could point audience to the CKA course in the material if it's not in scope of the exam.

In any case, Design chapter was very helpful!


  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,935

    The typo in Question 4.4.A was corrected. Thank you.


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