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LFS201 Linux CentOS7 virtual machine MD5 discrepancy


Hello everybody.

Once again sorry to bother, I've already emailed training@linuxfoundation.org since I thought it to be a technical problem but I've been told to ask here, in the Forum ...

So ...

Was willing to take advantage of the CentOS7 virtual machine for the above mentioned course but noticed a discrepancy in the MD5SUM:
I get f5117f4b2e20a29329ba21ab593fafa1 CentOS7.tar.xz while you state it should be 1db0f7f1ac020639a607cd7abe4b4763 CentOS7.tar.xz
The issue is only with this image: MD5SUM are correct for the others:

  • GENTOO.tar.xz
  • OpenSUSE-Leap-15-1.tar.xz
  • Ubuntu-18-04.tar.xz

Thank you any advice you could provide me with.



  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    I'll admit I'm a little confused too. I thought we had uploaded a new VM for CentOS7 that took care of some issues with booting on Virtual Box which required a different disk driver than vmware. Apparently the md5sum reflects the new VM but the new VM was not uploaded properly (the image that is there is perfectly fine if you don't hit this rare problem on virtual box). But what I will do is construct and upload a new VM (probably take about an hour or more to build and upload) to remove all ambiguity.

    Thanks for pointing this out. When you see a new VM with todays date that will be it. But as I said the one you have is fine, it is the previous one and the MD5sum is correct on it.

  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    A new VM is posted and has md5sum: d6e5a879cf93a1500642d40fa914153d . (updated MD5SUMS.txt as well)

    Thanks for being careful and telling us. (But as I said all these VMS were fine if they could boot ok :) Note the new one has the latest rpm upgrades as usual etc.)

  • PFG
    PFG Posts: 34


    Thank you very very much indeed for youir kind and prompt reply: just downloaded the new VM and now it's perfect!



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