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hello world


dear all ,

this discussion is an introduction about me.
my name is AHMAD ALATTAR , from kuwait.
in the past , to be specific am in love with the word 'LINUX' as much ive heard of and read in magazines, how ever there was a shortage of resources and how-to's.

since then , the only thing i knew about linux its an hackable , yet i was a master of crashing my pcs with linux installations.
however , some resources came , and distrobutions started to do trainings, until i met LS when i was in university , they gave me free contribution pass as a student and the training courses was a bit expensive to me.

thanks for the offer i had '85%' ive subscribed to it , hopfully ill pass, because what ive heard its very hard.. really hard.

i got passed this offer, while introducing LF to some governmental entity , who iam by well , asked them to let me invistigate on a ransomware attack.
am trying for the past 4 years, to give them the open-source mentality , and i guess this attack is the wakeup call for them.
the ransomware attack as usual , targets windows and alot of companies , such as oracle/cisco etc as usual , give a windows solution.

i hope by passing this training , is to fully understand how to show them the path of open-source.

feel free to ask anything.

best regards,
PS: dont mind the english errors. english is not my primary langauge


  • TylerDevers

    Welcome Ahmad. I am a student as well. Good luck to us both!

  • alattar
    alattar Posts: 3

    thank you for the reply . and sorry for delay was studying something else too , malware analystics and advance reverse engineering


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