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What is the best version of Linux to install on a pc desktop?


Hello All. After 40 years of using Windows, I wanted to see if Linux is the better OS.
I am using an Intel Core i5-4210M CPU, 16GB RAM and 129GB harddisk free space.
Any recommendations which Linux version should I use?
Thank you in advance.

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  • rmkbrh3257

    dday35216, Thanks for your reply and suggestion.
    I am totally new to Linux. Any suggestions which live versions I should try?
    I have read there are many "distros" version of Linux to choose from.
    A tip to choose a few from the many will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

  • webbfeet65

    No particular order I have tried and like Linux mint, Linux lite,Ubuntu, and Elementary OS. I have tried many since around 1998-2000 . Linux is great, the options are incredible . My daily driver is Linux Mint 19.3, hp6200 i-5 MT, nvidia gt 720, with wireless keyboard and mouse, chrome browser with Infinity tab, all is streamed netflix, hule, and amazon prime video. Have Libre office suite, gmail and all the google stuff like gmail, docs etc. Good luck with your choices, try them out, it is always fun and exciting to learn what I choose.Thank you to all the Linux folks also for making it possible.


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