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LFS253 which OS must be used for this course (out of DigitalOcean)

AlexeyBY Posts: 56
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I've just started learning thic course. I will not use (not going to use) DigitalOcean. Which OS must be used for this cource ?
It's very important question because the root account is locked in Ubuntu.I hope the author of the course know this fact.

According to the lab guide, a directory must be created here /root/dir1 ? this is from the Lab3 UnionFS
Probably it must be done inside home directory of an user ? If so, the lab guide have mistakes.

I've also got the issue "Permission denied" in Lab3 which is about of freezing the processes in Ubuntu (it's Ok in CentOS under root).

So, tell me about OS which must be used for thic course.

Is NOT the root account locked in DigitalOcean's Ubuntu 16.04 ?

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  • chrispokorni

    Hi @AlexeyBY,

    You may use Ubuntu as OS for this course on various cloud infrastructures, such as Digital Ocean, AWS, GCP, or on local VirtualBox and VMware VM instances.

    Here is a link which explains how to use sudo to run commands as root, and how to use sudo -i to become root in Ubuntu:

    If Ubuntu does not work out, you may choose another Linux distribution to complete the exercises.


  • AlexeyBY
    AlexeyBY Posts: 56
    edited February 2020


    Pls check various courses here. Linux distribution must be defined before start learning to prepare e.g. LSF201.
    There is no info here.

  • chrispokorni

    The course has not been designed around any one specific Linux distro. Due to its popularity, Ubuntu is used to exemplify concepts, but the same concepts can be exemplified on other distros as well. Since some tools and features may behave differently on different Linux distros, you may need to exercise caution when running certain commands and customize them for the Linux distro of your choice. The course is not designed to teach Linux distro basics, their similarities or their differences.

    Familiarity with the CLI tools and features is recommended when choosing a different distro to run the exercises. For tool specific differences you may always consult the man pages for the distro of your choice.



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