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Lab 12.7 Problem timeouts on dashboard

CharcoGreenCharcoGreen Posts: 5
edited February 5 in LFS258 Class Forum

Hi I have problems in the labs 12.7, also 12.x but i has fix it, but in this Lab is impossible to me. I´m problems with timeouts, I know that is problem of network (I think) but how is the best line to fix it.

[email protected]:~/k8s$ kubectl -n kubernetes-dashboard logs kubernetes-dashboard-b65488c4-2cp6s
2020/02/05 05:23:28 Using namespace: kubernetes-dashboard
2020/02/05 05:23:28 Using in-cluster config to connect to apiserver
2020/02/05 05:23:28 Starting overwatch
2020/02/05 05:23:28 Using secret token for csrf signing
2020/02/05 05:23:28 Initializing csrf token from kubernetes-dashboard-csrf secret
panic: Get dial tcp i/o timeout

goroutine 1 [running]:
/home/travis/build/kubernetes/dashboard/src/app/backend/client/csrf/manager.go:40 +0x3b4
/home/travis/build/kubernetes/dashboard/src/app/backend/client/manager.go:487 +0xc7
/home/travis/build/kubernetes/dashboard/src/app/backend/client/manager.go:455 +0x47
/home/travis/build/kubernetes/dashboard/src/app/backend/dashboard.go:105 +0x212



  • Hi @CharcoGreen,

    From your output, it seems you are experiencing a timeout on port 443. Is it in use by another application, or is it blocked by a firewall of your OS or a firewall at the infrastructure level?

    The first step would be to determine why your traffic is blocked, and after that, come up with an action plan to fix the issue.


  • Thanks for your help,
    I´m renew my cluster and my firewall rules

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