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Basic questions

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i am webdesigner/ designer/ programmer and after 25+ years of using Macs I will leave Mac for Linux. I will do that cause Macs get more and more unrepairable and as a enviromentalist I cannot support that anymore.

OK, in the first step I just want to buy a laptop that is easily repairable and move all of my officework (including email, surfing, programming etc.) to that machine. Heavy stuff like some graphicprograms (Afinity Designer and Afinity Photo...) I will let on the Mac, cause I bought licences for them and partly they do not offer licences for Linux.

What I would like to know is:
1) How much RAM I should consider? On my actual machine (Mac) I have 16MB, but as I told you I have all kind of heavy designprogramms there. The PC I will only use for internet/ office/ programming...

2) Which Linux should I use as a beginner? One thing I really like about the Mac is, that the search is very well done. As a creative I am a bit chaotic and a good search is very important for me.

3) Maybe somebody knows about repairing devices. I think, I will decide for a Lenovo Thinkpad of the T series. They are said to be easy repairable. If somebody has a better suggestion: Please tell me!

Thank you for your answers!


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