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Adding a new MIPI-DSI Driver to an existing kernel.



Since many days, iam trying to get a DSI-Display up and running.
Unfortunately with no success.

HW: Asus Tinker-S Board

What i have tried is: using panel-simple and configure all the timings. Unfortunately, this was not successfull.

Now i would like to try to implement an own driver.
here is my code: https://pastebin.com/sZhgeKmu

Unfortunately i dont know how to go on now.
I have a board, running armbian on it. I would like to build this driver as a kernel module for this particular kernel (4.4.199-rockchip)
And then load the driver.

There is also a question about device-tree.
Here is my actualy try, to include this driver:

&mipi_dsi {
status = "okay";
mipi_panel: mipi-panel {
compatible ="dmb,rb070d30";
reg = <0x0 0>;
status = "okay";
reset-gpios = ;

Can i assign a gpio the way i tried it?

Thank you for your support.


  • opendrain

    Hi swissbyte,

    a driver for that panel is in the mainline from v5.2-rc1, in case you want to try it, shouldn't be that hard, or you get some idea from it.

    Well, if you go with your own driver, just go step by step, start by a proper probe() . gpio would be last thing, you can test raising that level up from userspace. Good luck.



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