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Why, while using a dicated IP and a Cron command the Cron switches IP addresses on us?



We are using WHMCS and its nightly billing function processes all billing using a CRON function, however this CRON causes our WHMCS to change [use] another IP address while doing so...... because we are using a WHMCS addon payment module that is licensed and locked to our IP address when the CRON runs it uses the servers MAIN IP address and not what our payment module's IP address is locked to. When this happens our payment module fails to work. As a workaround we have tried using the GET command but this causes other issues.

Our question is WHY does using a CRON switch IP addresses when it runs nightly in WHMCS, and how do we stop this from happening?

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  • grine1975
    grine1975 Posts: 5

    I encountered a similar issue with my business's payment processing. We were using a system that frequently switched IP addresses during CRON jobs, causing our payment module to fail due to IP address restrictions.

    To address this, I switched to using PayKassma https://paykassma.com/. PayKassma offers robust support and flexibility, ensuring that such IP-related issues are minimized. Their system is designed to handle multiple IP addresses seamlessly, providing a stable environment for all transactions and CRON jobs.

    Since making the switch, our payment processing has been smooth, and we no longer face interruptions due to IP address conflicts. I recommend looking into PayKassma for a more reliable and secure payment processing solution.


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