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Hi, my name is Joe. I've been using Linux for about 7 years.

Over time I've figured how to use some of the applications on my own, like Gimp, Firefox, VLC Player and a few music editing apps. The music apps were pretty much useless for what I want to do, unless it's because I didn't give them a chance. I've also run into problems along the way. If I get into any specifics right now, this will turn into a 20 page essay. I can't even tell you which version I'm using. I started with Linux when the company my brother in law works for was updating all of their equipment and trashing the old stuff. Well he got the OK to take one home if he deleted any info related to his work, aside from the application that were installed. Right now I'm trying to install Firefox, but I don't have a clue where to unzip the file so they work correctly. I install it works, but when I quit it never starts again. So I delete and install again. I really hate typing too. Is there a number I could call to talk to a live person? Anyway it's getting late so I'll stop here. It might be a couple days before I come back to this site, but I will be back! Thanks

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