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Lab 3.2 Step 33: What is the default scheduler algorithm?


In lab 3.2 step 33 it is stated that the scheduler will try to deploy an equal number to both nodes by default.

When I did this step, I first got all 6 replicas running on my master node.

I then did $ kubectl scale deployment try1 --replicas=0 followed by $ kubectl scale deployment try1 --replicas=6 and found that all replicas were now running on my minion node (as verified with sudo docker ps | grep simple ).

On the next try to scale down/up, I got a 4/2 split on master/minion nodes.

From the info on https://kubernetes.io/docs/concepts/scheduling/kube-scheduler/ I see that there is some "default scheduling policies", what are these and how can I check them on my cluster?

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