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Web Based installation guide/documentation generator



I am wondering if there is an existing project. It would be nice if there were a web based installation guide that could utilize images taken of the terminal during the installation process.

I guess this would be a project that would require Beautiful Soup, Beautiful Soup would parse information from the images captured using a phone device or a webcam attached to another machine. So, while a person in installing all they have to do is take pictures of the terminal and the web based wizard would create printable documentation for the installation to put in a binder. Documentation can be generated about the hardware and environment. It can make bash scripts. etc. etc.

I know this would be awesome for people who are "pushing images."

I kind of envision a massive wiki type effort. Does it exist?


  • tylerdaviddean8885

    I also wanted it to do some "data mining" for assistance in troubleshooting problems that arise. So that some of the work would be automated. There would need to be "fact checking" of solutions to problems that were automatically gathered from forums and other online resources.


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