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Fedora Running on HP Desktop


Hey Guys,

I've been looking around for a cheap introduction to Fedora. Just something I have setup in my homelab to tinker and learn on.

I read that it can be notoriously tricky to setup without prior experience and I wonder if anyone has successfully installed the OS on a HP Desktop? I have a spare 800 G2 which I was gifted from my previous work. These guys offer the installation which suggests that it's doable, but I can't find the 800 G2 on any other 'whitelists' or known comaptibiltiy lists anywhere. https://bargainhardware.co.uk/hp-elitedesk-800-g2-sff-configure-to-order

Is there anything I should be aware of before getting my hands dirty?


  • dday35216

    While I haven't installed Fedora on that particular desktop, I have installed it on a couple of Dell desktops and numerous HP / Lenovo and Dell laptops. The most pain free way that I've discovered lately is to wait until after the install to connect to the network and then run updates. In a couple of different distros, letting the install get the latest updates while running has caused errors to stop the installation.


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