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Lab 13

Xhings Posts: 3
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Hi there,

Whats the difference between below two?

  1. cf cups rest-backend -r "https://roster-unexpected-gazelle.cfapps.io"

  2. cf cups rest-backend -p "url"
    url> roster-unexpected-gazelle.cfapps.io

I understand there are changes in the web-ui VCAP_SERVICES section for both cases and requests are routed to "roster" backend in case of option 2 but whats the difference?

~ Xhings


  • Hi Xhings,

    The -r flag used in your first example is a special type of service called a 'route service'. Route services are covered in Chapter 15.

    The -p flag is used to create key value pairs. The command in example two will create a service instance named rest-backend with a single key of url and value of the roster route. You can view how the app sees this by binding the service instance to an application then inspecting the environment with cf env.

  • Thanks @spgreenberg .


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