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Proper GCP account type for HA


I am running the HA labs in GCP and try to spun up all the required instances. It has 5 (1x proxy, 3x masters, 1 worker). However, when I try to start the last worker it says my quota of 8 CPU is maxed and to increase it I need to upgrade my GCP account. Does the documentation state what type of GCP account I need? I'd also like to understand what the implications are of upgrading to the higher tier account.


  • chrispokorni

    Hi @kbreit,

    What type of GCP account do you have? Have you tried going through the upgrade process? What account options are available to upgrade to?
    The type of account may limit your CPUs, memory, the number of instances, or IP addresses you can use. I am only aware of the free tier account, personal account, and business account.



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