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Nftables present System Design and Deployment absent!


The environment given for LFCE is centos 7 which does not have nftables . Then why is nftables included along with iptables and firewall-cmd .
According to domains and competencies 25% goes to System Design and Deployment

Define a capacity planning strategy
Conduct post deployment verifications
Create and maintain software packages
Create, configure and maintain containers
Deploy, configure, and maintain high availability/clustering/replication

Apart from Create and maintain software packages and theoretical High Availablity none of other topics in this domain feature in online training material.


  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    Please note:
    1) you have a choice between CentOS and Ubuntu when you take the exam. Obviously they are not going to ask rpm questions if you use Ubuntu or apt questions if you use CentOS
    2) The course is not restricted to exam prep. There can be (and are) topics which probably appear on on exam or the other or on another. The goal is to give knowledge, not do narrow exam prep. So the documentation you are referring to is definitely not an exam cheat sheet.
    3) Sometimes topics are discussed which are in the forward category, and that seems to be particularly true with firewall type stuff. RHEL/Centos8 has been out for months and does it have nftables support? What about when the exams move to version 8? I don't know when that will be but it won't be forever. At that point people will complain we do not cover nftables.
    4) The Certification and Training staffs are independent, exact knowledge of the exams is not in our purview

  • lee42x
    lee42x Posts: 380

    The nftables user space tools are available for CentOS7 ( nftables-0.8-14.el7.x86_64.rpm ) .

  • tdsgit
    tdsgit Posts: 11

    @coop said:
    4) The Certification and Training staffs are independent, exact knowledge of the exams is not in our purview

    Once I wrote this for an instructor opening in LF South Asia. They probably did not consider it and gave
    certification the priority. Seems a lot of money in EU and US who can keep on learning without attending interview or working . In that case leave out the global tag as such kernels are hosted on github - the richest man's platform - who has made higher education a business in third world who also teach the same way - totally wayward and unnecessary stuff.


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