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Lab 5.1 - Missing steps?


Lab 5.1 seems to be missing steps between 7 and 8.

7) "Use curl command and the encoded keys to connect to the API server. Use your IP address found in the previous command, which may be different than the example below" <-- Shows a curl command which queries the /pods endpoint.

8) "If the previous command was successful, create a JSON file to create a new pod. Remember to look for this file in the tarball output, it can save you some typing" <-- The previous output shows a PodList and not a Pod. Also, there is no tarball anywhere.


  • chrispokorni

    Hi @kbreit,

    For step 7 you can use the master IP or alias from the previous command (step 6).
    For the tarball mentioned in step 8, you may have to revisit lab 3.1.


  • kbreit

    @chrispokorni I'll try that tonight. The lab document should be updated to mention it should refer to lab 3.1.


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