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Hi, I am Vishal


Hello. I am Vishal Aslot from Austin, TX working for IBM. Until a month ago, I was an AIX Kernel Developer for 18 years. On Oct 1, 2019, I moved to IBM Cloud - Networking Group, so I am now free to learn about Linux and related technologies at the design/code level. I am hoping to contribute to Linux, KVM, and LXC very soon and am seeking mentors who can help me with the process of contributing as well as with technical guidance. I promise I will mentor others in the future and give back (I love to give back in a positive way as much as I can). You can look up my profile on LinkedIn at this https://linkedin.com/in/vishal-a-90482a5/


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    Welcome to the group. You'll notice a lot of the content on these forums is geared around the classes that are taught here. Ask questions, make observations and stir up a little "outside" the class discussion.

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    Hi, nice to meet


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