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Introducing myself


Hi Guys,
I am Vasudev, Started this course in anticipation of learning Linux Kernel Development as It will be helpful for my career


  • JamesMontgomery

    Hello Vasudev, welcome. I, too, am committed to learning Kernel Development. I've picked it a few times over the last 5 -7 years in self-study but never really got a comprehensive view. I'm hopeful this course will fill in some gaps and give me the push I need to start contributing.

  • ajithpv

    Hello World!

    Myself Ajith - software engineer - who passionate about Open source. I took this course for understanding how the Linux kernel development flow is happening around the world. I hope I can also contribute to the Linux kernel, wherever possible, in the future.

  • phantsure

    hello everyone, started this course to learn more about kernel development. Hope this course helps and i can be useful to the community :smile:

  • propersam

    Hello all!!
    i'm Samuel Ameh, a software engineer with the hope that one day i would become a linux kernel contributor. Discovering this course is a way of me achieveing my long time dream. I hope this course will equip me with all necessary skills and mentality required to be a kernel hacker and contributor...

  • tarunjainsagar

    Hey Team, I m Tarun jain, a beginner in linux kernel development.
    Hoping to learn a lot in this course and contribute to open source in upcoming days.

  • dericjohnson1979

    I am Deric, a technical assistant at Spogprint. Spogprint is an online platform that provides printing services.

  • Jasmeet_Singh

    I am Jasmeet Singh, an engineering student. Looking forward to starting a career in Linux Kernel Development.

  • oscar987
    oscar987 Posts: 3
    edited March 2020

    Hi everyone

    I'm Oscar from Spain and since long time I wanted to be a Linux Kernel Developer. I hope this course help me to achieve it.
    I know how build kernel. I have done some times and made some changes for myself. I would like with this course improve my knowledge about develop kernel and how to fix bugs.

  • eibay
    eibay Posts: 1

    Hello everyone,

    Elmer here from Melbourne, Australia. I am a Full stack developer turned DevOps. I am seeing gaps when it comes to understanding bits and pieces when it comes to anything Linux. So, here I am and hoping to learn from each other's experiences.

  • gaurivn
    gaurivn Posts: 1

    Hi everyone,
    I am Gauri, an undergraduate BTech CSE student from NITK Surathkal, going to 4rth year. I am taking this course as it would help enhance my knowledge of Linux Kernel and enable me to contribute to this organization. Looking forward to learning and contributing with you all.

  • Selvak16

    Hello everyone, myself selvakumar from India, I want to learn Linux kernel and tried searching for so resource and finally ended up here. Excited to learn the Linux kernel and device driver and want to contribute to the open-source projects in Linux.

  • trickyj

    Hello friends,

    I am Vicky Jadhav from India, Pune. Very much interested in learning Kernel development. I am a beginner in the programming world.
    Connect with me on - https://github.com/trickyj
    Blog - https://scrollunlock.wordpress.com/
    Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jadhavvicky/

    Thank you regards,

    Vicky Jadhav

  • stvayush

    Hi there!
    This is Ayush Shrivastava, a sophomore at the Indian Institute of Technology Patna, India. I'm glad to be here and taking this course is giving me an immense feeling of pleasure and awesome learning enivronment.
    Find me at github: s-ayush2903

  • roankos
    roankos Posts: 1

    Hey Hey,
    Here is Roan, yet another person interested in learning how to code Kernel things : )
    I applied for outreachy internship, but my profile was "not strong enough", so I will try to learn by myself as much as I can.
    Great that this forum is here, it feels less alone!

    Sorry for digging out this old post, but I prefer that then to write a new and unanswered individual intro ;)


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