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Introducing myself

Hi Guys,
I am Vasudev, Started this course in anticipation of learning Linux Kernel Development as It will be helpful for my career


  • Hello Vasudev, welcome. I, too, am committed to learning Kernel Development. I've picked it a few times over the last 5 -7 years in self-study but never really got a comprehensive view. I'm hopeful this course will fill in some gaps and give me the push I need to start contributing.

  • ajithpvajithpv Posts: 1

    Hello World!

    Myself Ajith - software engineer - who passionate about Open source. I took this course for understanding how the Linux kernel development flow is happening around the world. I hope I can also contribute to the Linux kernel, wherever possible, in the future.

  • hello everyone, started this course to learn more about kernel development. Hope this course helps and i can be useful to the community :smile:

  • Hello all!!
    i'm Samuel Ameh, a software engineer with the hope that one day i would become a linux kernel contributor. Discovering this course is a way of me achieveing my long time dream. I hope this course will equip me with all necessary skills and mentality required to be a kernel hacker and contributor...

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