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Found many inconsistencies in Lab 7

First of all, none of the yaml for Lab 7 is in the lab files. I had to take the stuff from the https://lms.quickstart.com/custom/865589/LFS272 - Labs_7.17.2019.pdf file and reformat it. Definitely not ideal

Adding a New Organization to Our Channel went pretty smoothly after making all the necessary changes to crypto-config.yaml, docker-compose.yml, configtx.yaml.

When joining the new peers to the channel, the commands in the .pdf file are incorrect. Use the commands in the Commands/Lab7.txt file. Most are correct. Some of those are even wrong.

When joining the new peers to the channel:
peer channel fetch config Org2AddedConfig.pb -o orderer.example.com:7050 -c allarewelcome

should be:
peer channel fetch 0 Org2AddedConfig.block -o orderer.example.com:7050 -c allarewelcome

peer channel join -b allarewelcome.block

Should be:
peer channel join -b Org2AddedConfig.block

peer chaincode install -n ccForAll -v 1.1 -n networkChaincode -p github.com/sacc.go

Should be:
peer chaincode install -n ccForAll -v 1.0 -p github.com/sacc


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