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usb xhci poll time

maziacmaziac Posts: 1


I have a problem with the USB drivers.
My goal is to override the polling rate of a USB controller (joystick, high speed).
The requested rate is 8ms but I would like to poll it at 1ms.

I tried the suggestions here:

But this does not seem to work as the xhci drivers are used and not the ehci drivers.
The BIOS has no option to disable the USB 3.0 capabilities.

So I compiled an own kernel and now I'm trying to hardcode the polling rate to 1ms.
Note: I don't need a "clean" solution. For me also a hack would do as this machine uses USB only for USB game controllers (and a mouse/keyboard).

But I cannot find the right location. I thought I could change the polling rate in
'usb_parse_endpoint' but this does not work.
I set the 'endpoint->desc.interval' to 1 and I also put a 'printk' there to see that the line is executed but without success.
Still the polling rate is 8ms.

I tried the same in 'hid-core.c/usbhid_start:case HID_GD_JOYSTICK' but without any success.
It seems like the interval value is overwritten somewhere else.

Any help is appreciated.

(I am using the kernel 4.15.18, Ubuntu 16.04.)

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