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MacOS Catalina breaks Ghostscript and foomatic-rip by requiring 64-bit clean


the current version of Ghostscript proffered with the foomatic-rip drivers is Ghostscript 8.71, which fails in MacOS 10.15 Catalina because it is not 64-bit capable/ready/clean.

Artifex appears to have removed some older Printer drivers that were built into Ghostscript after version 9.04. That version does appear to be capable of being built as 64-bit.

I have blundered upon what seems to be a GitHub repository of some description. It allows me to inspect the code, but I can not figure out how to download the code to build GhostScript version 9.04 to try it out.




  • grantbennetalder

    at version 9.05, the file gdevadmp containing appledmp, iwhi, and iwlo, and iwlq was MOVED into the 'devices' folder. It survived there until version 9.20.

    After version 9.20 it was removed in an operation that included only gdevadmp and its supporting files. The note does not say WHY it was removed.

    So a 64-bit build of ghostscript 9.20 has some potential.


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