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Networking Issue


Hello all.

I am a bit confused on why this issue happened only on my master node.
In my worker node, all works fine and does not have this issue.

So i'm trying to access the internet. For 10s, it works fine and then the connection turned off by itself. I can't access the internet, so i turn on the connection again. But for 10s accessing the internet, it turned off again by itself, and this loops from turn connection on, use it for 10s, and it turns off by itself, again and again.

I have 4 connections on my master.

I turned off all of my connections except for the enp0s3 (which i used for accessing the internet), and my connection to the internet is stable. It does not suddenly turned off by itself and i can use it for more than 10s or may be i could say i can use it until i turn it off.

Anyone ever experiencing this kind of issue? Or anyone know why this happened in the first place?

Best Regards,


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