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Lab 1 : curl -sSL http://bit.ly/2ysb0FE |bash -s 1.4.0 not working


command curl -sSL http://bit.ly/2ysb0FE |bash -s 1.4.0 is not working. giving error "could not resolve host: http"


  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,930

    Hi, it looks like you are using an incorrect URL - the ending should be capital O, then FE, and not 0 (zero). The correct URL is http://bit.ly/2ysbOFE.

  • JayantMeshram

    "http://bit.ly/2ysbOFE" till this web address is fine.. but after adding "|bash -s 1.4.0" its not working.. you can check in browser..

  • thatgeekinit

    I cloned my VM, deleted the class files entirely and rebuilt from Lab 1 and didn't include the 1.4.0 part of the command and now things seem to be working well enough to get to the end of Lab 2. 1.4.0 isn't available or something.

  • etrelz
    etrelz Posts: 29

    I followed and I was able to download the binary files which i wasn't able to in the past. Did you receive an error massage at the end of the download? see my post for details.


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