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Practice Questions for LFCS

Hello Guys,

Where can I find the file for the following practice?


I can't find them

Help Please

Thx Guys


  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,756


    LFCS is a hands-on performance exam, not a multiple choice. The pdf document you mentioned in your post contains samples of tasks you might be required to do during the exam. The samples should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect during the exam - you will need to prove you have the necessary sysadmin skills to become certified.

    Good luck!


  • What I need to know is from where I can download the files to solve the practice @coop

    @fcioanca Thx!!!

  • coop
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    There are no other files to download. The information is representative of things you might be asked, so there is no, for example, file named "/home/student/textreferences/editme.txt" for you to download.

    Furthermore, as has been pointed out, questions about training shoudl be directed to the certification staff, not the training staff. We do not write the exams and are not the authoritative source for information.

  • @coop, I would like to post my own solutions to the practice questions listed in the document 'LFCS Practice Questions' here just to get feedback on my progress and understanding?

  • coop
    coop Posts: 913

    Sorry, in my optnion this is not the place for that. This is LFS201, not the LFCS exam. We cannot presume to give out authoritative information here that not be quite right. Other moderators can post if they disagree with me. But we don't want this forum to descend into exam discussion and preparation. That dilutes its purpose.

  • Hi @troy_dowler ,

    The main way we can support you going through the course, is to assist you with the labs, in case you have any issue when doing them. I think it's good idea to focus in progressing in that way, because you will be able to try and test many things as you go forward within the course.


  • I'm glad I found this post . . I have been looking for these non-existent files for about 45 minutes :blush:

  • Hehehe, fortunately you didn't spend much time on this.

    I hope you enjoy the course.

    Many regards,

  • Yeah I was thinking that maybe it would have been part of the setup when preparing to take the course. It sure would be helpful going forward to have something that would set up the environment to work on those problems. Maybe a virtual lab or something that automatically resets


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