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Hyperledger Fabric Administration exam

I took the exam and there seems to be a gap between what you need to know in the exam V what is taught in the course. The key problems I had were
1. Tool you can use to open config files. What tool should be used? This isn't really covered in the course since you can just open the app if you know anything about ubutntu and the GUI

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  • I hope this is 'configtxlator'. This converts the binary config files into json and we use 'jq' tool to deal with json files.

  • not quite. I couldn’t find a way of opening things like configtx.yaml.

    It’s easy in the course since it’s based on Ubuntu and you can use the GUI to open a text editor app. The exam Environent is different and the training course doesn’t prepare you for this.

  • If we can not use editors with GUI, we can use vim, nano something like that. I am not sure what the exam environment is, so someone who has the right information can shed some light.

  • fcioanca
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    This forum is for the LFS272 course exclusively. No exam discussions should be carried out here. If you have any exam-related questions, please send an email to certificationsupport@linuxfoundation.org.

    Thank you!

  • Yes but the course should help a little better prepare for the exam. I’ll be giving some course feedback soon

  • @fcioanca I do not understand you comments. @indirajith is not discussing any exam questions or so. It is environment-related. Unless the exam is setup to make students fail (I heard exams like that in the past) V succeed.
    We are here to learn and to pass the exam.


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