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Why Should I take Palo Alto Network PCNSA Training?


What is Palo Alto PCNSA
Introduction to Palo Alto PCNSA Course: Palo Alto PCNSA (Palo Alto Network Certified Network Administrator) certification is one of the best certifications in the Network Security Domain, that a good network security professional must obtain to add huge value to his Information Technology career. The Palo Alto PCNSA (Palo Alto Network Certified Network Administrator) certification set up foundational knowledge of network security technologies that include Firewall technologies, firewall deployment,Management Interface, UserID, SSL Decryption and NAT, Networking (DHCP, Route, OSPF, BGP, Multiple ISP Failover), HA IPSec VPN , SSL VPN, Panorama, QoS concept. So, a person who is aiming to qualify for the Palo Alto PCNSA certification in Pune should be skilled inabilities to provide basic network installations and troubleshooting. This Palo Alto training in Pune is based on PAN-OS i.e Palo Alto Network OS.

Palo Alto Series Firewall is one of the most efficient Firewalls in Enterprise & SMB (Small Medium Business) implemented in SP( Service Provider) & DC(Data Centers) Networks. So after working on these technologies we will be confident in handling these advanced networks buildup on Palo Alto Cost Effective Solution.

Who Should Attend Palo Alto PCNSA PAN-OS Training
CCNA Certified Network Engineer
Experienced Network Admin
Fresher passionate in-network career
Network Security Engineer
Cyber Security Professionals
Security Analyst
Pre-Sale Engineer
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