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How can I successfully run Bitcoin Core 0.18.1 on ARM Linux using Raspberry Pi 4 4GB?


I've been struggling to successfully run BITCOIN CORE 0.18.1 on a Raspberry Pi 4 4GB! I was close to finishing to download the strict 200GB blockchain user data but I installed so many distros or distributions & it's not even funny! I used an SanDisk 256GB & the distros I need are not enough or don't know what to install or uninstall! I tried using a Swapfile of 4096 or 4GB for the microSDXC but it's keeps running out of memory for the $4 Huawei 1TB microSDXC memory card I'm using now! Also I see that Comcast is preventing me from mounting & unmounting the 1TB microSDXC when I have the normal Raspbian OS running on a 64GB microSDXC card. The mounting & unmounting did worked before but it's not working recently! The good old days when RISC (old name) were PowerPC like the PowerBook for Apple! Now ARM is making a comeback with Raspberry Pi 4! I'll will make the ARM LInux for Bitcoin 0.18.1 work, it's just I have to keep trying!


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