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VPN issue in Ubuntu

fenomeno Posts: 1

Hi all. I have a situation few days now, where one of our remote users has strange issue with his VPN connectivity to our second VPN server (Cisco ASA). There isn't issue on the ASA configuration, because all works fine for any other users, from different locations. Even I tried with his profile from different machines and all is well.
The issue is that he is able to establish the tunnel, but not able to access the local resources. Even though he has ping connectivity to those. Testing the ports from his machines using telnet was also successful. Not able to access the WEB and SSH no mater I'm using IP or FQDN. I'm not sure where to look now. The route table looks fine. Give me some advice how to investigate this. I've noticed that he has a junk nameserver IP in /etc/resolve.conf And also after established VPN connection, the internal DNS IPs are not populated in resolve.conf. I need your help guys. Thanks!


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