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Chapter 15.1 Working-with Helm and Charts, but LAB_15.1 is Working with TLS

I downloaded Lab 15.1 from Chapter 15.11 about Working with Helm and Charts, but what I got is Working with TLS.
Did I get the wrong file?


  • fcioanca
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    The course was updated Monday to work with Kubernetes v1.15.1, and the outline changed slightly in this new version: we removed the Kubernetes Federation chapter, so the Helm chapter became ch. 14 and the security chapter became ch. 15. There is also a new chapter 16, on high availability. Working with TLS is lab 15.1 in the security chapter, so you got the right lab. Working with Helm and charts is now lab 14.1. I just checked the live course, and labs are in the right spot. It sounds like you need to clear your cache. Also, when you restart the course after clearing the cache, you may want to answer No to the pop up question asking you if you want to go to the last page you were on, as this forces the system to stay in the old course version (and you will see weird behavior). Then, just use the table of contents to go to the Helm chapter/lab. I do suggest that you revisit all labs, as things may have changed with the course update.

  • Thank you, the information is clear for me


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