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Lab 12 - conf.yaml


So after creating the discoveryConfig.yaml file inside the CLI container, the Lab PDF documentation start to reference a "conf.yaml" file. I assume that "conf.yaml" ="discoveryConfig.yaml"?

When I run the command to discover I get the following. This is after adding endpoint to all peers and restarting their containers:

discover peers --configFile discoveryConfig.yaml --channel allarewelcome --server peer0.org1.example.com:7051


Also, if I try to include chaincode I get the following (I have checked that CC is installed on the peer):

root@60630c547945:/opt/gopath/src/github.com/hyperledger/fabric/peer# discover peers --configFile conf.yaml --channel allarewelcome --server peer0.org1.example.com:7051 --chaincode ccForAll

discover: error: unknown long flag '--chaincode', try --help

Anyone know that could be wrong?



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