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Rules/Proportions for Topology


What would be a fundamental setup for a 2 Orgs blockchain using Docker containerizition?

As far as I understood you would need 2 Peers each Org, 1 CA each Org, 1 CouchDB each Org and 1 Orderer.

Is the Orderer shared and therefore not assignable to an Org or is it more like a third OrdererOrg?

And would TLS require a third neutral CA?

How many Peers would you need per Org? Does it just increase redundancy?

Sorry for those many questions, but for me it's hard to figure out a blueprint structure which makes long-term-sense if you try to deploy fabric for a production-grade environment.

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  • kmyatt
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    edited August 2019
    1. Our example for the course is a single orderer node from the OrdererOrganization. Now in production environments the orderer node number & Org number would most likely scale up based on availability requirements.

    2. As I mentioned before a good basic recommendation for all CA's is to have each organization have their own respective CA.

    3. Just for yours and everyone else's knowledge, a lot of what you're asking are tasks more suited for the Network's Architect. Especially the peer per org question, which is really more of a case by case basis, and not a hardline answer. If these are your most important concerns, I recommend you take an architectural class as well to supplement your understanding, or go deeper into the fabric documentation (it's come a long way, believe me!)

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