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OnlyOffice Desktop Editors for Ubuntu is now available on Snap Store!


OnlyOffice Ubuntu: OnlyOffice is the best alternative for all type of Text editors in Linux. OnlyOffice is the free & open-source office suite which is released under GNU AGPL 3.0. OnlyOffice is a cross-platform application, it is available for Windows, Linux & Mac OS. OnlyOffice helps us to edit files like as Spreadsheets, Documents & Presentations.

Now you can install the OnlyOffice through the Snap Store:

  • Open Terminal using Ctrl + Alt + T shortcut key.
  • Copy the command, sudo snap install onlyoffice-desktopeditors
  • Execute the command and install the OnlyOffice Desktop Editors in your Ubuntu PC.

Fast and easy way right! You can view more information about installing OnlyOffice in Ubuntu using SnapStore. You can use the APT repo to install the OnlyOffice in Ubuntu, You can find the details about Onlyoffice in Tec Robust.


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