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A script to auto install fonts


Anyone advise, please?

Is there a way to run some sort of script which will install a set of fonts?

I'm running the Linux Mint (cinnamon) distro.



  • martinzo
    martinzo Posts: 1
    edited April 2021

    Hey, man. I have been designing clothes for many years and have seen thousands of different fonts. Due to the great competition in the fashion industry, it is becoming increasingly difficult to surprise consumers with something. I've been using the "Star Wars" theme lately and using this font. You can choose a font for any theme you want on this site https://upfonts.com/overwatch-font/. Also, you can download a set of fonts to your PC and use them offline as you like. I usually upload the one I need, depending on what style the clients prefer. The idea of downloading a set seems more reasonable to me.


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