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StoreMi Problem


Pls help guys new here.

I have ryzen 2700x, MSI B450 mortar titanium Motherboard 1 SSD 120gb. 1 tera HDD,Zotac 1080ti , 2x 8gb G-skills 3200 RAM.

6 months ago I installed StoreMI version 1.3.4 on my windows 10 pro PC and its working great. downloaded it and installed with no problems but unfortunately my windows won't boot because of power failure. So i decided to format and reinstall OS. now After running all windows updates and installing software like I did before. I downloaded the StoreMI application on AMD.com and it is now version 1.5.0 not like before. Now i only have 250GB of storage allowed to combine with my SSD and saying that I don't have license. after doing all possible solution I decided to download the older version 1.3.4 in an unknows site and been able to make tier drive and combine it to my SSD with larger capacity (Larger than 256gb). its still acelerating but I don't know if its doing the right thing because it says in the icon that it is already expired. (this is the worst thing that I have come across because there is no videos or how to do's That i can find on the internet that can possible help me in this shit. pls help me linus media group and good people out here. by the way I am a linus media group fan boy. Thank you so much. Shitty AMD support group its like taking into a wall with shit


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