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Lab 7: Error: error unmarshaling Envelope: proto: can't skip unknown wire type 7

Niklaskkkk Posts: 113
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This error appear once I have edited the network config file and added ORG2, and I try to sign the transaction from within the CLI container. Seems to maybe be a syntax fault, or something related to protobuf? Does anyone have an idea?

These are my commands. I am on Ubuntu 18.04:

peer channel fetch config blockFetchedConfig.pb -o orderer.example.com:7050 -c allarewelcome

configtxlator proto_decode --input.blockFetchedConfig.pb --type common.Block | jq .data.data[0].payload.data.config > configBlock.json

jq -s '.[0] * {"channel_group":{"groups":{"Application":{"groups":{"Org2MSP":.[1]}}}}}' configBlock.json ./config/org2_definition.json > configChanges.json

configtxlator compute_update --channel_id allarewelcome --original configBlock.pb --update configChanges.pb --output configProposal_Org2.pb

configtxlator proto_decode --input configProposal_Org2-pb --type common.ConfigUpdate | jq . > configProposal_Org2.json

echo '{"payload":{"header":{"channel_id":"allarewelcome","type":2}},"data":{config_update":$(cat configProposal_Org2.json)'}}}' | jq . > org2Submitready.json

configtxlator proto_encode --input org2SubmitReady.json --type common.Envelope --output org2SubmitReady.pb

peer channel signconfigtx -f org2SubmitReady.pb

endorser and orderer connection initialized

Error: error unmarshaling Envelope: proto: cant skip unknown wire type 7


  • Niklaskkkk
    Niklaskkkk Posts: 113

    I went over this process again and it worked now - so probably just a typo from me during the jq conversion!

  • kmyatt
    kmyatt Posts: 39

    Marking this converstation as closed.


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