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LAB 10 - Removing the identity --cfg cli options does not exist for fabric-ca-client?

For removing an identity, there is mentioned to pass --cfg.identities.allowremove to fabric-ca-client. Should this be passed to the fabric-ca-server while starting instead of client? Also, there is no need for -b there too. (page. 58)


  • kmyatt
    kmyatt Posts: 39

    Yes, @maniankara you are definitely right we caught those misprints a few weeks back. The next update release to the course content includes those changes(Should be out soon).

    Very good attention to detail! :)

  • indirajith
    indirajith Posts: 44
    edited July 2019

    I am encountering a problem. When I start the Intermediate CA Server from the same container usinf the command 'fabric-ca-server start -b intermediateCAServer:ServerPassword \
    -u http://caServerAdmin:AdminsRock@localhost:8080 -p 3000' I receive Error: listen tcp bind: address already in use error. I even changed the port from 3000 to something else but still of no use. I think I should spin up another container for the Intermediate CA instead of starting an Intermediate CA server within the Root CA container?

  • indirajith
    indirajith Posts: 44

    I have watched the new demo video but it does not have any info on the intermediate CA. I still get the same error. From the part where we specify the Root CA "-u http://caServerAdmin:AdminsRock@localhost:8080 -p 3000' " we have localhost, from this I suppose we indeed need to start the intermediate CA from the root CA container. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you!

  • @indirajith I too faced the same problem, the fix can be done by simply starting a new ca container and launching the intermediate CA from there. I didn't try it however. I presume, in a decentralised network, they will run on different hosts and that problem never occurs.


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