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How to dfficiently re-start network

In lab1 one uses the bootstrap script to start. Later on in the Lab there are docker-compose yml up commands, with new features like couchDB, chaincode, new peers etc.

Sometimes you have to restart the network (turned computer off, or edited yml-files). What is the common way to re-start your network? Do you start back at the bootstrap script, or how is this done by you?


  • maniankaramaniankara Posts: 9

    Yes, I have also been wondering how to get back to the same state in a Hyperledger Fabric cluster? E.g. if you have couple of Chaincode instantiated, then there are some instances of containers running. How is this dealt in the production? I am sure there is easier way for this.

  • NiklaskkkkNiklaskkkk Posts: 36

    For those wondering the same, I just tweaked the start.sh & stop.sh scrips in the startFiles folder. Here you can decide which containers to start up so you dont have to type these commands manually each time you reboot computer.

  • NiklaskkkkNiklaskkkk Posts: 36

    However, as @maniankara asks, what about the created channels & chaincodes? Once I run docker-compose yml down & then up again (for instance if I needed to regenerate cryptomaterial), then suddenly all channels & chaincode needs to be re-installed again? If I run peer channel list the peers are not part of channels anymore....however, the artifacts are obviously still in the config folder.
    So it seems this test network, the orderer, do not save its state?

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