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Lab4: CLI Pathing


Hi, in the beginning of Lab4 we are told to go into the CLI (fabric-tools) container to install chaincode on peer0, but first we need to set the local environment variables to point to peer0.

My question is, why do we have to do this? Can we not just log directly into peer0 and install the chaincode?

Just trying to understand :)


  • kmyatt
    kmyatt Posts: 39

    The network CLI is provided for us so that run peer operations/processes as a CLI (in this case chaincode installation). Therefore when we run operations from the CLI container and not the specific peer container, we must specific (in a general sense_ who the identity is that we must perform this on. This is why we specify where this peer can be reached, and their MSP related information to look for/use whenever running the operation.


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